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Edison ( tel. 055213 110; Piazza della Republica 27r )  is a vast bookshop and cafe so you can enjoy a coffee while reading a good travel book.

Feltrinelli (tel. 055 219524; Via Cavour 12-20r, San Marco) is known throughout Italy as a chain of bookshops.

Franco Maria Ricci (tel. 055 283312; Via delle Belle Donne 41r, Santa Maria Novella ) sells handmade stationery, crafts and limited edition art books.



La Botteghina del Ceramista (tel. 055 287367; Via Guelfa 5r, San Lorenzo) and Spigoli Terrecotte (tel. 055 2479713; Via Sant'Egidio 4r, Santa Croce) specialize in ceramics.


At COIN (tel. 055 280531; Via dei Calzauoli 56r) you will find everything all in the same place.

La Rinascente (tel. 055 219113; Piazza della Republica 1) offers a more lively atmosphere than  COIN but also has everything under the same roof.


Louis Vuitton (Via de Tornabuni 24), featuring glamour, unsurpassed style and uniqueness, sells bags and luggage, and handbags imitating the style of the 60s.

Armani (tel. 055 219041; Via Tornabuoni 48r, Santa Maria Novella) is a synonym of class... no need to say anything else.

Bulgari (Via Tornabuoni 61-63r, Santa Maria Novella)'s sophisticated jewellery is renowned worldwide.

Emporio Armani (tel: 055 284315;  Piazza Strozzi 16r) boasts the same high standard as the other designers but aimed towards the fashionable young.

Dolce & Gabbana (tel. 055 281003; Via della Vigna Nuova 27, Santa Maria Novella) showcases the latest fashions in a quirky bold style.

Gianni Versace (tel. 055 282 638Via Tornabuoni 13-15r, Santa Maria Novella) is ideal for those looking for striking colours and energy.

Gucci (tel. 055 264011; Via Tornabuoni 73r, Santa Maria Novella) and Prada (tel. 055 283439; Via Tornabuoni 51-53r, Santa Maria Novella) are a paradise of classic and quality handbags and accesories.


Bottega Artigiana del Libro (Lungarno Corsini 38R) has decorated stationery, diaries and photo albums.

Bartlolini ( tel: 055 211895; Via dei Servi 30r) focuses on kitchenware.

Giraffa (tel. 055 283652; Via Ginori 20r) for silk lamps and Italian design ceramics

Gianmaria Buccellati ( Ponte Vecchio, Lungarno Acciaiuoli ) offfers a wide variety of gifts including candle sticks, jewellery, ornate tea services, silver ornaments.



Head for Hito Estetica (tel. 055 284424; Via de' Ginori 21, San Lorenzo) for a pampering experience. Only natural products are used.

Freni 's focus is on pedicures (tel. 055 239 6647; Via Calimala).


Tanino Crisci (Via de Tornabuni) has a great variety of shoes, jackets and handbags, everything made from the best quality leather.

Madova Gloves ( Via Guicciardini 1r) sells smart leather gloves, some lined with silk and cashmere. You´ll be sure to find a pair to suit you.

Head for Bologna (tel. 055 212890; Piazza Duomo 55r) to see for yourself while it is still considered one of the best shoe shops.

Marco Candido (tel. 055 215342, Piazza Duomo 5r) sells classic and attractive women's footwer.

Roberto Ugolini (tel.  055 216246, Via Michelozi 17r) sells handmade but affordable shoes.

Beltrami (Via de' Tornabuoni 48r) specializes on handsewn luggage, bags, briefcases, shoes and boots also at reasonable prices.

For women following fashion, Casadei (Via de Tornabuni 33) is the place to go with sexy, colourful and fun shoes for all tastes.

John F.(Lungarno Corsini 2 ) also sells designs by Bettina and Missoni.


Eredi Chiarini (tel. 055 284478); Via Roma 16r) sells clothes of high quality at affordable prices.

At Matucci (tel. 055 2396420; Via del Corso 71r) you will find  Armani, Diesel, Hugo Boss and Versace creations.

Replay (tel. 055 293041; Via dei Pecori 7 / 9) sells stylish casual clothes.


BP Studio (tel. 055 213243; Via della Vigna Nuova 15r, Santa Maria Novella) sells higly priced clothes focusing on bringing a young look to a slightly older public.

Intimissimi (tel: 055 2302609, Via Calzaiuoli 99r) has women's underwear at affordable prices.

Zini (tel. 055 289850; Borgo San Lorenzo28r) sells collections from a range of designers.