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What to See and Do

What to See and Do

The archaeological site (Picture 1 and 2) (tel. 055 5 94 77; www.fiesolemusei.it; Via Portigiani; open 10am, to 7pm Wed-Mon Apr-Sep, to 6pm closed Tue Oct and Mar, to 4pm closed Wed Nov-Feb) encompasses a little Etruscan temple, Roman baths, an archaeological museum with a collection ranging from the Bronze Age to the Roman times on display and a Roman amphitheatre dating from the 1st century BC. At present the amphitheatre plays host to an outdoor art festival, the famed Estate Fiesolana (Jun–Aug) which is the oldest in the country. In the same venue jazz enthusiasts and those passing through congregate during the Vivere Jazz Festival celebrated in July yearly (www.viverejazz.it).
A stroll around town can begin in the Museo Bandini (tel.055 5 94 77; Via Duprè; open 9.30am-7pm Apr-Sep, 9.30am-6pm Oct and Mar, 10am-5pm closed Tue Nov-Dec, 11am-5pm closed Tue Jan-Feb) by the archeological site and which  houses the first Renaissance pieces byTuscan artists such as Giovanni della Robbia’s medallions (early 16th century) and the Annunciation by Taddeo Gaddi (mid-14th century).
Walking along the same street you will shortly arrive at number 18, which is the Museo Primo Conti (tel. 055 59 70 95; www.fondazioneprimoconti.org; open 9.30am-1.30pm closed Sun), home and workshop of the avant garde artist giving the name to the museum. It houses over 60 pieces of his creation and provides great views of the surroundings.
Piazza Mino di Fiesole, which is the central square in town, becomes the venue for an antique market on the first Sunday of every month. The square is presided over by Cattedrale di San Romolo (Picture 3) (Open 7.30am-midday and 3-5pm). From here you can walk along Via San Francesco as far as the 15th century Basilica di Sant’Alessandro whose terrace gives breathtaking  vistas of Florence. At the basilica temporary exhibitions are organized. If you continue up the hill, be sure to go into the 14th century Church of Saint Francis (open 9am-noon and 3-6pm).