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This town has been a hive of activity for over 10 centuries and its charming winding streets and stairways have not changed in the slightest. The town was annexed by the Grand Duchy only in the early 19th century.
Among its sights is the exquisite fa├žade of the Palazzo Comunale built in the 13th century.
One of the festivals is the fun Corsa delle Botte, celebrated in August, with locals racing along the streets rolling wine barrels. The other main festival is the Sagra del Cinghiale held in December, where everyone enjoys food, drinks and an archery display.
You will find the tourist information office in Piazza Gramsci (tel.0565 82 93 04; open 10am-12.30pm and 6-10pm Mon-Sat, 5-10pm Sat Sun Jun-Sep).