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Main Cities


Southern Tuscany is a magical area of villages perching high on hilltops keeping watch over  the surroundings. A place of dramatic beauty, ancient roads and archaeological wealth from the Etruscan epoch.

The Etruscan Tomba della Sirena, the temple-like Tomba of Ildebranda and the many historical treasures showcased in museums are a draw for all those exploring the region and eager to gain insight into the Etruscan civilization.

The narrow alleys of Sorano, the medieval constructions of Pitigliano and the authentic medieval flavour of Sovana vie for the interest of travellers.

Besides the typical destinations which attract local, regional and international holidaymakers, there are other unspoiled areas such as the south of Monte Argentario with its sandy beaches and a nature reserve.

As for cuisine the region has a good deal of osterie and trattorie for you to savour the country┬┤s heritage with dishes made like mamma used to.


Get lost in the alleys of Pitigliano and imagine the daily life of the Middle Ages.

Bask "under the Tuscan sun" at Marina di Grosseto.

Take part in the procession along the Via Cava di San Giuseppe in a night lit with torches to celebrate the end of winter.

Submerge yourself in the impeccable waters of Giglio which year after year attract divers.