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Western Florence-Ognissanti and Santa Trinità

Borgo Ognissanti which connects Piazza Carlo Goldoni to Porta al Prato features chic boutiques, antique shops and Chiesa d’Ognissanti (Picture 1) (Open 7am-12.30pm, 4-8pm Mon- Sat, 4-8 Sun). It was originally constructed in the 13th century and heavily modified in the 1600s. One of its highlights is Domenico Ghirlandaio’s frescoes of Madonna taking care of patrons, the Vespucci. Supposedly, one of the portrayed characters is Amerigo Vespucci. Other art pieces are Taddeo Gaddi’s Crucifixion, Ghirlandaio’s Saint Jerome and Botticelli's Saint Augustino (the two last pieces were done in 1480). Botticelli’s remains are in the tomb in the south transept as he was raised in this neighbourhood. When leaving the church, head right, where the cloister houses the Last Supper by Ghirlandaio hanging in the Refectory (tel. 348 645 03 90; Borgo Ognissanti 42; open 9am-midday Mon, Tue and Sat).
The 14th century Gothic Chiesa Santa Trinità (Picture 3) in the piazza of the same name is a filled with splendid frescoes. Its façade is in the Mannerist style.When inside the church be sure to go to  the Cappella Salimbenes/Bartholini where Lorenzo Monaco’s Annunciation hangs. Luckily, the 1966 flood damage was counteracted by restoration which actually revealed another fresco which is exhibited in another chapel. The crest of the Salimbenes/Bartholini chapel reads “For Those Who Do Not Sleep” as their wealth came from a wool deal from northern Europe. Without their rivals knowing for they had been given drugs to make them sleep when the cargo was reaching Florence so they could steal it!
The Cappella Sassetti is magnificently frescoed by Ghirlandaio. He began in 1483 and finished two years later. The frescoes include events in Saint Francis’ life, Florentine figures and the patron himself, Francesco Sassetti, Lorenzo de’Medici and Sassetti appear in Saint Francis Receiving the Rule of the Order from Pope Honorius and Ghirlandaio himself is in the Miracle of the Boy Brought Back to Life.