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Main Cities



Monterchi is easily reachable from Arezzo for a pleasant day trip. The town is walled and houses Piero de Francesca’s Madonna del Parto (Picture 3) (tel. 0575 7 07 13; Via della Reglia). This work depicts pregnant Mary with two angels and took Piero 7 days to complete. The church used to have paintings of this kind destroyed for they represented human beings on a parallel with God. Mary is represented looking at her stomach, according to experts, thinking about how extraordinarily influential her baby will become in the world.
Wednesdays are a good day to come during the summer time if you want to enjoying the medieval music festivals. Beware of difficulties in parking.
Driving along the SS73 is Anghiari (Picture 2), a lovely village with winding streets built in the Middle Ages.
Caprese Michelangelo is located less than 20 km from Anghiari. It was hometown to Michelangelo. The castle in town houses a museum devoted to the artist and his masterpieces.