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Isola d'Elba in Tuscany


Elba island encompasses a great combination of beaches (Pictures 1 and 2), beautiful year round, pristine sparkling water, plenty of trails to hike (and less challenging rambles) as well as fabulous views and excellent cuisine to top off your stay.

The island originally found its economic resources in the metallurgic industry, focusing on iron-ore, yet, over the years has caught up and perhaps matches this in terms of economy. Every year more than a million holidaymakers flock to Elba, which is the largest of the islands of the Parco del Archipelago Toscano and with the greatest tourist demand.

According to myth the seven islands of the archipelago were formed from the seven stones of the goddess VenusĀ“s tiara.

The islands form part of the national park which since 1996 has protected rare land and sea species, some in danger of extinction or threatened by humans. The flora and fauna is truly something with the monk seal, red partridge and Corsican seagull a few local creatures

There is a huge range of accommodation on offer-  hotels, resorts and campsites satisfy all preferences,  yet it should be noted that prices are very season-orientated and soar in the summer months.

Many fled to Elba from the Barbarians. In the 1000s Pisa and Piombino took over the island. Piombino fortified it to protect themselves from the Arabs and pirates.
In the 1500s the whole island was divided, rather conquered, by Florence, which took the north and the Spanish which controlled the south. Portoferraio, later called Cosmopolis, was founded.