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How to Get to/from

How to Get to/around/from

By Bus: to the Garfagnana (duration: 1 ½ hours, services: 8 a day), to/from Florence (duration: 1 ½ hours, services: every hour), to/from Pisa (duration: 45 minutes, services: every hour), to/from La Spezia (duration: 3 hours, services: 4 a day), to/from Marina di Carrara (duration: 2 hours, services: 6 a day).
There are electric shuttle buses to the railway station-Corso Garibaldi-Piazzale Verdi.

By Car: drive west along the A1 to Pisa and Viareggio. Go along the same road east to get to Florence. The SS 445 leads to the Garfagnana.
Within the old walls cars are prohibited, thus hotelstend to have reserved parking lots for their guests outside the walls.

By Train. To/from Pisa (duration: 25 minutes), to/from Florence (duration: 1 ½ hours ), to Pistoia (duration: 45 minutes), to Prato (duration: 1 hour).

By Bicycle: the best and most popular way to get around in Lucca. Bicycles, tandems, covered buggies and one-wheel childrens bicycles are the many options you will see about. They can be rented at Poli (tel. 0583 49 37 87) or Cicli Bizzarri (tel. 0583 49 60 31 8),  both on Piazza Santa Maria,  and the tourist information office at Piazzale Verdi.

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