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Home to approximately 365,000 inhabitants so lucky to be able to enjoy this city´s treasures day after day. Florence is well known for being an art city in which the Renaissance flourished in full splendour. Every corner and alleyway has a story to tell. Various crafts and trades started here- from wool-dying to shoe-making and the streets are named after these: Via della Caldaie, Via dei Calzaiuoli, and Via delle Conce. The original workshops are still thriving and their creations are displayed in the shop windows.
Florence is also a city of luxury and glamour. Some of the most renowned label creators were born in Florence: Gucci and Roberto Cavalli for example. The streets in the centre are lined with designer shops and smartly dressed men and women.
Around the Duomo, located in the historic nucleus of Florence, sit the majority of the artistic and cultural gems of the city. It is possible to get a good feel for the city in about two hours due to the proximity of the main sites.