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Fun and Nightlife

Festivals and Events

Chiesa di San Giovanni is host to the Puccini e la Sua Lucca Festival. Concerts are held from March to June. 

The Lucca Summer Festival held in July draws celebrated pop artists from around the world.

In July and August the Puccini Festival which has been held for half a century takes place in Torre del Lago.

Festa di San Paolino and Luminaria di Santa Croce are processions held in July and September respectively . The first procession is followed by an archery competition and the second one celebrates the arrival of the Volto Santo carved by Nicodemus in town.

Fun and Nightlife.

Teatro del Giglio (tel. 0583 4 65 31 / 0583 46 75 21) offers theatre and opera performances.

Villa Botini (tel. 0583 44 21 41; Via Elsa) is a site for concerts, exhibitions and any culture-related event.

Head for Vino e Kino on Via della Dogana to see any of the classics put on over good wine and snacks.