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Eastern Tuscany is home to a myriad of art, historic monuments and scenic views. Seeing as few people go beyond the most renowned town in the area, Arezzo (Picture 3), there is enough room to walk leisurely without worrying about being trodden on or elbowed. Furthermore, the railway connecting Rome and Florence crosses the area near the majority of the appealing destinations and thus it is also convenient.
Arezzo and Cortona (Picture 2) were location for shooting scenes for the Oscar award-winning Life is Beautiful and part of Under the Tuscan Sun. There is no doubting why this typically Tuscan beautiful area was chosen.
The area is blessed with many of the best pieces of Italian art such as the Madonna del Parto, incredible for its beauty and simply that it survived in spite of the Catholic Church destroying many of these types of pictures. Luca Signorelli, Piero della Francesca and Andrea della Robbia’s work can all be found here, making it difficult to choose where to begin!

The dense forests of the Parco Nazionale delle Casentinesi Foreste where foxes, deers and wild boars roam make a good place for a lovely walk for a change from all the culture.


Not to be missed


Join in with the festive atmosphere of the Giostra (Jousting festival) del Saracino in Arezzo, as it used to be centuries ago.


Observe the perfect detail and great perspective of any of  Piero della Francesca’s frescoes scattered around the region.


Get lost in the twisting narrow streets in walled Cortona and enjoy the incredible views of the surroundings from the city´s heights.