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Travelling along the SS435 and then heading north you´ll find Collodi, the village where Carlo Lorenzini, Pinocchio’s creator, lived in his youth.

Pinocchio is still the character whose story is known by children all over the world. The story which has been much examined by critics seems to be aimed at a public wider than just children. It seems that there are references to Italian society and its real problems whih the creator who was also a journalist certainly would have known much about.
This world renowned fictional character’s fame accounts for the creation of a theme-park located amidst the forest, the Parco di Pinocchio. The park is an attraction for children and adults alike.

The Storico Giardino Garzoni on Piazza della Vittoria 1, features a butterfly house and gardens with lily ponds, open to the public, and an outdoor theatre and  baroque villa decorated with frescoes.