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Main Cities


The rolling hills adorned with their sandy coloured houses are the typical landscape that makes up the whole of central Tuscany. The tall cypress trees and golden, red and green fields, according to crop and season form have been depicted in many a piece of art, and deservedly so given the beauty of this landscape.

For those who are interested in seeing some ´culture´ there are endless magnificent abbeys and for those wanting to indulge in some time for themselves the thermal spas are highly recommended.
Montepulcianos views of the Valdichiana, Monteriggioni’s typical Tuscan style, San Gimignano’s medieval lofty towers (Picture 2) and Volterra’s medieval ramparts (Picture 1) will leave you breathless. It is certainly difficult to name another place with such beauty concentrated into this size of an area.

Famous larger cities too can be found in this area. Siena´s magnificent Piazza del Campo, steep narrow streets and unique black and white cathedral rival Florence´s grandeur.

Not be missed

Head for Le Crete and see for yourself the natural beauty which has inspired so much artwork.

If you are fortunate enough to be in Siena at the opportune moment the famous Palio horse race, celebrated twice yearly, is a truly spectacular occasion of bright colours, and pride.

the so-called ´Medieval Manhattan´ is of course San Gimignano …with its tall towers.

Treat yourself to a good Brunello wine in Montalcino.