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Main Cities
Campiglia Marittima


This medieval town of Etruscan origin can be found nestled in the hills. One of its main characteristics is the greyish-brown colour of its stone houses (Picture 2).
One of its tourist sites is the Palazzo Pretorio on Via Cavour. In former times this building was a court but has been turned into a wine information centre. Its façade decorated with several coats of arms has a an interesting appearance (tel. 0565 8386 80).
The road leading to San Vincenzo also takes visitors to the Parco Archeominerario di San Silvestro, a short drive northeast. The forges where the Etruscans produced copper are just a stone’s throw from the gates to the park on a road named forni fusori.
The park itself revolves around the theme of mining dating back 30 centuries. Within the park Rocca di San Silvestro can be found (Picture 1), a town devoted to mining which was abandoned by its population in the 1300s. A train going underground and through the Temperino mines, which were the original source of copper for coins in  Lucca and Pisa. You might like to explore the park by foot or take one of the hourly guided tours. There is also a museum on site.