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Bagni di Lucca


This little town rose to fame in the 19th century when artists from all over the world  came to take advantage of the allegedly curative powers of its waters. Byron, Shelley, Heinrich Heine and Giacomo Puccini are just some of them.

At present Bagni di Lucca is not what it used to be; however, there are still signs in its architecture revealing its former splendour. The casino, theatre, town library and Anglican church are all original buildings constructed in the neoclassical style.

The town is divided into two areas: Ponte a Seraglio which is the small part and has the tourist information office and the main town which is bigger with the majority of the shops, restaurants and hotels.

The only spa stil remaining is Bagni di Lucca Terme on Piazza San Martino, offering a wide variety of treatments ranging from salt and olive oil or stone massages to steam baths.